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      Introducing Muuto: A Fresh Perspective on Scandinavian Design
      Introducing Muuto: A Fresh Perspective on Scandinavian Design
      Introducing Muuto: A Fresh Perspective on Scandinavian Design

      At Pergo, we’re always on the hunt for brands that not only epitomize excellence in design and craftsmanship but also resonate with our own ethos. Our latest addition, Muuto, does just that.


      Derived from the Finnish word “muutos,” which means “new perspective,” Muuto stands as a beacon of Scandinavian design. Rooted in a tradition that celebrates enduring aesthetics, functionality and honest expression, Muuto is more than just a brand. It’s a philosophy.


      So, why did we bring Muuto into our Pergo family?


      1. Shared Values


      Just like us, Muuto is dedicated to bringing the best of design to everyday life. Their focus on functionality aligns perfectly with our commitment to offering products that are not only beautiful but also enhance the way we work and live.


      2. Craftsmanship at its Best


      Every Muuto product is the result of the brand’s collaboration with contemporary designers who interpret the Muuto philosophy with passion and skill. This meticulous approach to design ensures that every piece tells a story — one of innovation, creativity and meticulous attention to detail.


      3. A Breath of Fresh Air


      With Muuto, it’s always about looking at things from a new angle. This fresh perspective is evident in their handpicked designs, which bring a touch of modern Scandinavian flair to any space.


      As we usher in this new chapter at Pergo, we’re excited to share the marvels of Muuto with you. Their collection not only complements our existing roster but elevates it.


      Muuto’s inclusion is more than just an expansion of our product range; it’s a testament to our commitment to bringing you designs that inspire, innovate and impress. We hope you’re as thrilled about this new journey as we are. We invite you to explore and experience the Muuto difference at our Pergo showroom. Welcome to the world of Muuto!

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