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      Hobbies That Can Boost Your Career
      Hobbies That Can Boost Your Career
      Hobbies That Can Boost Your Career


      Think your hobbies are just for fun? Think again.


      It’s easy to think that your day job defines you. After all, it probably accounts for 85% of your waking hours. You may feel like your hobbies are just time-fillers, the fun things you do in between work, family and life. But whatever your other pursuits may be — knitting, gaming or window shopping — having a hobby or passion can be beneficial in your career. Whether it’s learning a new skill, improving an old one, building new relationships or getting inspired, hobbies can offer career benefits (or even career paths) that you might not have considered.



      1. Exercise



      Increasing physical fitness and health through physical activity is well-known, but many people don’t recognize the effects it has on maintaining mental health and well-being. Regular exercise is linked to better mental health and emotional wellbeing, as well as a lower risk of mental illness. There is also some evidence that regular exercise reduces mental illness risk.


      Sports activities help to develop a sense of teamwork, leadership, confidence and morale, as well as promotes self-control, self-discipline, determination and other beneficial traits that help people succeed in life. And due to their social nature, taking part in sports also allows you to interact with others in the community, meet new people and even develop new business opportunities, in addition to fulfilling social needs.



      2. Music and Instruments



      Musicians and singers know that music therapy can help alleviate negative emotions. But how does it work? Studies have found that playing music has a positive effect on mood and stress, and can even help battle depression. Playing an instrument or singing may seem intimidating at first, but those who research their craft long-term could find it to be an effective outlet for managing stress. Experts also say that it’s never too late in life to pick up a new instrument!


      Participating in an ongoing creative activity like this can stimulate your mind and open up new horizons. No need to contemplate the merits of this vibrant art form any longer, because the benefits are scientifically proven.



      3. Video Games



      You read that one right!


      In addition to developing problem-solving skills through puzzles and enhancing complex thinking through simulator games, video games, in general, seem to engage our brain in ways that other mediums don’t. When it comes to our brain, playing video games may increase neurological function.

      Still, as of yet, there’s not enough scientific evidence to back up the fact that video games are either extremely beneficial or harmful for our brains, so the verdict is still out. But what we do know for sure is that video games can be a lot of fun and help to relieve stress (and can actually improve manual dexterity for surgeons)!



      4. Writing



      Writing is another creative outlet that can be viewed in a few different ways, but it has become a unique skill in its own right. While writing is not required in every career field, it does enrich one’s creativity and serves as a tool for self-expression.


      You can also use writing as a tool to help improve communication and verbal skills, since writing forces you to develop narratives and organize your thoughts in a structured way that makes them easier to articulate.



      5. Reading



      A good number of successful executives and world leaders are voracious readers: Barack Obama, Elon Musk and Bill Gates, to name a few.


      Instead of thinking about it as a leisurely activity, begin to think of reading as a way to enrich your life and make yourself a more informed individual. As a hobby, reading has multiple benefits, including expanding your professional outlook and learning new skills. It doesn’t matter if you read fiction, non-fiction, self-help or others, reading will broaden your mind, challenge you to open up your worldview and mindset, as well as help you to become more knowledgeable, confident and articulate in handling work and stress.

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