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      5 Google Meet Extensions to Make Remote Meetings More Effective
      5 Google Meet Extensions to Make Remote Meetings More Effective
      5 Google Meet Extensions to Make Remote Meetings More Effective

      Let’s face it. Virtual collaboration is the norm these days. However, this does not necessarily mean that remote meetings have to be ineffective. Tools like Google Meet make it easy to collaborate with teams and join video calls.

      And you can actually enhance your remote meetings even more with just a few additional features. With these Google Meet extensions, you can take your online meetings to the next level. Whether you are setting up an ad hoc meeting or conducting an in-depth workshop, these extensions will work wonders.

      1. Google Meet Enhancement Suite

      Google Meet Enhancement Suite


      Is there only one extension you’re willing to try? If so, this is probably the one for you.

      Google Meet Enhancement Suite is a one-stop solution for all your Google Meet needs. This add-on provides a broad range of features and settings to improve the overall functionality of your calls.

      Some highlight features include push-to-talk, enabling captions, and more!

      2. Call Timer for Meet

      Call Timer for Meet


      Meetings can seem endless at times, but they sometimes go on for quite a while without you even realizing.

      If your meetings always run overtime, then this extension is for you. With Call Timer for Meet, you can set a time for when the meeting starts and ends, with a timer on the top right-hand corner keeping you on schedule. The length of your session will also be displayed once your meeting ends.

      3. Meeting Notes for Google Meet

      Meeting Notes for Google Meet


      No more switching windows during Google Meet sessions to take notes!

      With this extension, you can capture meeting notes just for yourself or collaborate with other attendees via live collaboration, as well as assign to-do tasks for yourself and others in the meeting.


      It is easy to access your notes from your Google Calendar, since they are saved automatically with the right event.

      4. Google Meet Breakout Rooms

      Google Meet Breakout Rooms


      Another Zoom feature that is sorely missing from Google Meet.

      This extension does exactly what its name implies. With Google Meet Breakout Rooms, the host can divide the primary meeting group into multiple subgroups.

      5. Dualless



      Dualless was created specifically “for those who don’t have a dual monitor.”

      With just two clicks, users can split their browser windows into two. A dual monitor environment is simulated by the extension. You can also specify and adjust the ratio according to your needs.

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