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      Furniture for a better future.
      The furniture industry has historically taken a huge toll on the environment. We're working to change that.
      We believe in creating high-performance, high-quality furniture solutions not only for the office but also for the Earth. Our approach to sustainable business practices is two-fold: eco-conscious strategies in both production and consumption.
      1. Solutions that are built to last
      We offer exceptional pieces of furniture that are durable, resilient and timeless in both their construction and their design. Our teams source chairs, desks, storage systems and other office essentials that are made from environmentally conscious materials which will always meet your ever-evolving work needs.

      From Maharam to Herman Miller, many of the brands at Pergo are also working to reduce their carbon footprint through innovative solutions in manufacturing, warehousing and shipping. Whether it's using recycled materials or reducing packaging waste, we work with brands whose values resonate with ours.

      Minimizing our environmental footprint also means committing to becoming a carbon-neutral company as soon as possible. We hope to make the full shift towards recycled wrapping papers and reusable blanket wraps, as well as increase the use of compostable materials in our warehouses.
      2. Subscription-based rentals
      Circularity is key for the future of work. We launched the first-ever subscription-based service of its kind in Thailand for Herman Miller office chairs, in order to increase the lifespan of our products. This sustainable business model means that a single chair gets to be reused and repurposed again at the end of a subscription, helping to eliminate waste and prevent overstocking.

      In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, renting through our subscription-based model reduces yours too. The low commitment of renting ensures that your workspace can remain as fluid and flexible as you need it to be while cutting down on the carbon footprint of your operations. Learn more about our subscription-based rental service here.
      3. 1 Plant for 1 Product
      As part of CHANINTR, Pergo is also involved in CHANINTR's collaboration with Plant for the Planet. This means that we plant one tree for every item we sell — in 2020, we planted 50,000 trees in Mae Hong Son, a Northern district in Thailand.

      The site that we have chosen to plant our trees is managed by Conserve Natural Forests, an organization that is committed to restoring the natural forest landscapes of Thailand. Over the years, they have seen that their reforestation efforts have helped protect and enhance biodiversity, self-regulate landscape ecological processes and improve the livelihoods of local communities in the long term.
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