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      Airia Media Cabinet

      Airia Media Cabinet

      The perfect statement for those wanting a designer, classic home or work office.

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      Product Information
      Designed by Ayako Takase and Cutter Hutton of American design studio Observatory, Airia combines beauty and functionality. The pieces share a material language — a handsome combination of warm walnut wood and painted aluminum.
      Well-thought-out and comfortable to work on, the Airia Desk uses clever storage and visual cues to keep you organized and focused. It has fixed-height aluminum legs supporting a solid walnut top frame. A white laminate inset on the desk's surface delineates workspace, while a slightly elevated secondary surface provides a place for books, office tools and refreshments. Cutouts for cords and cables free the surface of clutter, and slender cork-lined drawers help to organize papers. Made with 54% recycled content. This desk was honored with a 2008 Good Design™ Award. "We intend it to be a desk you'll keep for the rest of your life — and give to your kids," Hutton says.
      The accompanying Airia Media Cabinet provides additional storage and display capabilities.
      Providing both open and concealed storage, the Airia Media Cabinet has a swinging door to conceal clutter on one half of the interior, while leaving the other side open for items you use frequently. The walnut shelf is adjustable and echoes the appearance of the walnut top. Made with 46% recycled content.
      Height: 60.96 cm
      Width: 88.9 cm
      Depth: 40.64 cm
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