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      Nelson Bubble Lamps (Set F)
      Nelson Bubble Lamps (Set F)

      Nelson Bubble Lamps (Set F)

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      Product Information
      Designed by George Nelson — Herman Miller's former Director of Design — in 1952, these elegant fixtures have an organic shape and a delicate, floating quality, whether in the ceiling-hung, floor, table or wall-mounted variations. While decorating his office, Nelson was inspired by a set of silk-covered Swedish hanging lamps but found their price to be excessive. An ingenious and resourceful designer, he went on to create the first set of Nelson Bubble Lamps using a translucent white plastic spray, a technique developed by the United States military at the time. 
      Made with a durable steel frame and glare-free translucent polymer shade, the Nelson Bubble Lamps are easy to clean and emit a warm, diffused glow that enhances your home's atmosphere. 
      *Price does not include installation and bulb.
      Fixture: Triple bubble lamp fixture - brushed nickel
      - 1 small Pear Crisscross pendant
      - 1 small Saucer Crisscross pendant
      - 1 small Cigar Crisscross pendant
      Dimension of fixture: W36.83 cm
      Cable length of fixture: 25.4 cm
      Dimension of Pear Crisscross pendant: W43.18x H31.75 cm
      Dimension of Saucer Crisscross pendant: W44.45 x H17.78 cm
      Dimension of Cigar Crisscross pendant: W26.67 x H35.56 cm
      Cable length of pendant: 304.8 cm
      1-Year Warranty

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