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      About Us
      About Us
      We're experts at work.
      Derived from "performance" and "ergonomics," Pergo is a premium workstyle brand founded on the belief that good performance is about professional productivity as it is personal wellbeing. We offer solutions not only to improve your workspace, but your lifestyle in general. We're here to elevate and energize you.
      Optimizing your workstyle is about more than improving the design and style of chairs, desks and accessories. It’s about improving the mindset, intentions and ambitions that you bring to your job: we're here to help you bring the best to your workday, every day.
      As part of CHANINTR, the only authorized Herman Miller reseller in Thailand, we offer high-quality, imported office furniture. Our business model was designed with your convenience in mind, which is why we offer in-stock and ready-to-ship products at all times on our website.
      Meet your new workstyle.
      Pergo is for strategists, idealists and everyone in between. We celebrate the thinkers, doers, collaborators, entrepreneurs, influencers and creators (and those who aspire to be like them) — all with individual workstyles that fuel their achievements.
      Our approach to the workplace is driven by three key principles.
      1. Ergonomic
      We offer high-performance workstyle products that inspire your best work.
      2. Ecologic
      We invent new retail models and responsible supply chains that curb waste and promote reuse: the circular economy.
      3. Economic
      We infuse design into the modern workstyle environment in ways that are accessible and affordable.
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